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No cycling plans for 2018 yet?

Book now! Discover Europe on your bicycle

No bicycle plans for 2018 yet? Go cycling and sailing in the Netherlands and other beautiful places in Europe. Now available: Bike & Barge tours for 2018. Book now!

reasons why you should join a cycling holiday in Europe:

Small continent a lot to discover Europe, one of the smallest continents contains 50 countries. This allows you to cycle through a lot of countries with their own specific culture.

Memories for a lifetime Explore and discover vineyards, castles, major rivers, cities and small villages while riding on your bicycle. Sure these impressions will last a lifetime.

Great Cycling infrastructure We love to ride on our bikes and have created the world’s best cycling infrastructure. Cycle on the bike paths in Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin, discover the famous Danube Cycling Path or the wonderful Loire Valley.

Unrivalled Architecture A continent blessed with an amazing and varied collection of architecture.  Gothic cathedrals in England and Central Europe, spectacular renaissance villas in Italy and the Moorish influence in Spain; from Gaudi’s masterpieces in Barcelona to Hundertwasser in Vienna; from old castles in Germany to spectacular modern museums in Bilbao and Amsterdam.

Bicycle Culture Cycling Holidays in Europe are extremely popular. Bicycle shops can be found everywhere. Hotels and restaurants market themselves to two-wheeled travelers. Bike paths provide self-serve kiosks to help serve your needs. Cities and the countryside are crisscrossed with well-marked bike paths/lanes. Local riders are always ready to help with instructions, hints, tips and recommendations. A bicycle holiday in Europe an absolutely wonderful experience!