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Hotels Alicante to Valencia

During this tour you stay at the following accommodations:


In Castalla you stay in a small and personal guesthouse at the edge of the village with a beautiful view over the castle. The village, like many villages and city in this region, still has the original village center with small and twisting streets. The weekly market attracts a lot of people. A great deal of cafés and restaurants contribute to the good atmosphere. If there are no rooms available in the guesthouse you will be accommodated in a 3-star hotel just outside Castalla.


Torremanzanas is a small and lively village which is known for the healthy air and hospitability. Your accommodation is a small apartment in a former summer residence which was a part of the late 19th ‘Villa Emilieta’. In 1998 the summer residence was transformed to a small and rural hotel whereby the original outside of the hotel is preserved.


Benissiva is a small village in the valley of Gallinera where Javier and Pasual welcome you in their small, rural hotel. The terraces around the hill where the village is situated function as a garden: we suggest to end the day with walk through the trees and discover the many different fruittrees, at least 13.


In Cullera your hotel is situated at the beach. The idyllic surrounding and the beautiful beach of Los Olivos, crowned with a blue flag, make this place the perfect place to stay. The hotel includes a restaurant where you can enjoy the many tasteful and traditional dishes of the area. In case there’s no place available at our standard hotel you stay in a characteristic holiday hotel with view over the golden beach. Like our standard hotel there’s a restaurant where you can enjoy the tasteful kitchen of the Mediterranean.


In Valencia we use a few different hotels along the city beach. In the vicinity of your hotel you find a stretched boulevard along the sea with many bars and restaurants. From the boulevard it’s about 15 minutes by metro to the city center and train station.

This hotel is scheduled on the following tours

Alicante to Valencia

On Via Verdes in the inland of the Costa Blanca
Bike & Hotel
8 days

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