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Bike Barge Amsterdam to Bruges

Last chance available travel dates: 13 may - 20 may 2017

Two countries Holland & Belgium and Amsterdam Bruges. united in one Bike & Barge holiday. You will travel with our barge ‘Sailing Home’. This beautiful passenger ship can accommodate 26 overnight passengers and 70 day passengers. Available travel dates: 13 may – 20 may 2017.  Book now!

Combining the highlights of Holland’s Golden Age and the heydays of the Flemish trade cities in the Middle Ages. And of course Holland’s own world wonders: the Delta Works.The Dutch 17th century Golden Age and the heyday of the Flemish trading cities of the Middle Ages are united in this Amsterdam Bruges route. Notice the big difference between the green polder landscape abounding in water, with its tranquil roads and villages and the old world of islands in Zeeland with its pastures, creeks, winding dikes and dams. On top of that the often so picturesque Flemish countryside between the Belgian cities of Ghent and Bruges. The great rivers are a prominent feature in this part of the Netherlands and Belgium. Of course you will get to know our own, Dutch Wonder of the World: the Delta Works, evidence of the eternal battle against the waters of the sea.