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Cycling news

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Rhine and IJssel

March 6, 2018

Rhine and IJssel Cycling Holiday This cycling route takes you through the central region of the Netherlands, which was originally […]

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Bicycle Ferry in The Netherlands

January 26, 2018

Bicycle Ferry From the Middle Ages on hundreds of ferries were the shortest and most direct connections across all kinds […]

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Bike Barge Bruges to Amsterdam

January 24, 2018

Bike and Barge Holland Belgium  Two countries united in one cycling holiday. Variety is the keyword in this tour. Cycling and sailing […]

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Albania: new Cycling holiday

December 6, 2017

Albania Cycling. Albania was closed to the rest of the world because of its regime until the beginning of the […]

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Cycletours in Canadian news article

November 6, 2017

Canadian cycling news In September Cycletours had the pleasure to welcome Pat Lee, a Canadian journalist writing for the Chronicle […]

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Bike and Barge tours Holland

October 25, 2017

guided bike barge tour in Holland? This is your chance, our bike tours for next year are now available. Let us […]

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No cycling plans for 2018 yet?

September 19, 2017

No bicycle plans for 2018 yet? Go cycling and sailing in the Netherlands and other beautiful places in Europe. Now […]

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Mosel and Saar Bike and Barge Germany

June 30, 2017

Book now! still cabins available for 20th August. This tour along the Mosel and Saar combines the best of the […]

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Dutch Cycling Network

June 14, 2017

Dutch Cycling Holidays Bicycles are as much a part of the Netherlands as its tulips, windmills and wooden clogs. Children […]

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