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Dutch Cycling Network

Unique Dutch signposted network of rural cycling holidays

Dutch Cycling Holidays

Bicycles are as much a part of the Netherlands as its tulips, windmills and wooden clogs. Children learn how to ride a bike before they can walk, and doing the shopping by bicycle is certainly no uncommon sight. It appears that even the King himself has been seen on his two-wheeled iron bicycle. Holland’s 17 million inhabitants are the proud owners of approximately 18 million bicycles. The country’s infrastructure has been purposely adapted to accommodate the use of a bicycle as a major form of transportation. There exists a network of bicycle paths 20,000 kilometers long, incorporating bridges, tunnels and ferries and a  has an unique signposted network of rural cycle tours. They are especially designed for cycle trips lasting several days and for cycling holidays. The routes lead you through the most beautiful regions of The Netherlands. This cycling junction network is a great way to bike in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is no surprise to learn therefore, that one of the largest and most experienced organizers of cycling holidays was established in this cyclist’s paradise.