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Guided Cycling Holiday Greece Rhodes and Kos

Cycling in Greece Discover 4 wonderful Islands

Guided cycling holiday Greece 12-day’s follow the lead of your tour guide who will be riding along with you across four beautiful cycling islands in the southeast of Greece: Rhodes, Kos, Leros and Patmos, with a stop-over on Kalymnos.

While cycling you will become familiar with these islands of the Colossus and the Asclepeion, the crusaders and the sponge fishermen; islands with both Italian and Turkish influences. You will balance pleasant cycling tours with cultural heritage excursions and boating trips on azure blue waters. The unknown Leros is the surprise of this cycling holiday: a green jewel. Patmos is a photogenic island full of monasteries and chapels. The trip will be kept as light as possible. You will cycle along the coastal regions and only occasionally encounter a real incline.