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Travel tip Holland below sea level

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Holland below sea level Windmills, unique museums and authentic houses typical Dutch Icons!
Volendam & Enkhuizen: typical fishing villages
Isle of Texel
Alkmaar: the capital of cheese
Land of Leeghwater, Purmer and the Beemster

Volendam: traditional costumes, sailing ships and long johns on the clotheslines. If you want to experience what it was to live in one of those villages in the old days we recommend to visit ‘het Zuiderzeemuseum‘. On day 4 you’ll sail to Texel, an island with thousands of sheep and a magnificent nature reserve. With 30 kilometres of sandy beaches, Texel Island is a paradise for beach lovers back on the mainland the route brings you to Holland’s most beautiful dune area. These are also the only kilometers you will be cycling above sea level! Alkmaar will also provide a good picture of ancient times. It is the capital of Dutch cheese with its own cheese market and weigh-house for cheese. It has also a beautiful old center with many historic monuments, nice shopping districts and countless welcoming terraces, cafes and restaurants. In Zaanse Schans, a lovely little hamlet on the banks of the river Zaan, the mills, houses, shops and traditional Dutch crafts bring the past to life.  June 3 is National Mill day in Holland 950 windmills and watermills open their doors to visitors.  For ages mills have played an important role in reclaiming land, processing raw materials and manufacturing products. Mills barely have any economic value these days, but they are iconic for Holland and still attract a great deal of attention.  Joining our Top of Amsterdam some mills will be visited.