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Paris to Bruges

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One of the most famous bike and barge tours in Europe! This cycling tour will take you from Paris to Bruges in two weeks starts in the heart of Paris History is abundant on this tour.  Discover several historic towns, museums, castles, admire the varied landscape.

The first week you will experience riding in forests and lower hills, in the second week you’re in flatland. The barge follows the river Seine downstream fora while. From Conflans it goes upstream the Oise river. After Compiegne the barge follows a canal with many locks towards the Belgian border. The river Escaut (Schelde) is the next waterway, until Gent. The last stretch, to Bruges, is in a canal again.

  • Type of tour Guided
  • Level 2
  • Duration 15 days
  • Distance 48 km, average per day
  • Paris, the French capital
  • The Valley of the Somme
  • Flanders
  • The Medieval town of Bruges

Daily Program

1 km = 0,62 miles
Day 1

Saturday: Paris, Bike tour


Upon arrival on board in Paris, the crew will welcome you with a cup of coffee or tea. After an introduction to the crew, there will be a short program explaining the rules on board and information on the program. After the introduction, there will be a short tour through a cycle friendly part of Paris. This is a perfect time to get comfortable with the bike and make necessary adjustments.

Day 2

Sunday: Paris - Bougival


Depending on the mooring place, you will traverse Sunday-morning Paris with relatively less traffic, following the Seine-river. This first day has some serious slopes to conquer  (Paris is not flat!). We will go through parks (Bois de Boulogne) and forest to Versailles (lunch) where we will visit the park. Through Sunday-afternoon quiet suburbs we will find our way to the Seine River. Option: visit to chateau/museum of Malmaison (Napoleon and Josephine). Mooring Place near Bougival.

Day 3

Monday: Bougival - Auvers sur Oise


In the morning we follow a bike path along the river to nearby St. Germain-en-Laye. From the bridge to the castle is a ca. 1 km. slope. The French kings had many luxurious dwellings in and near Paris. From St. Germain the court finally moved to Versailles. In the castle houses a fine prehistoric museum. Coffee stop. We follow the river more or less and will have lunch in the next town. End of this Seine-day is in Conflans Ste. Honorine, a once busy river port. From here the ship will sail upstream the Oise river to Auvers. This nice little town is connected with the famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh,who spent his last months here, producing a large number of paintings. Guided walk.

Day 4

Tuesday: Auvers sur Oise – Creil


An early sailing brings us quite a distance upstream. The bike ride leads us to the forest around Chantilly. Here an impressive chateau (art) can be visited. In case it is closed (Tuesdays off season) a good alternative is a visit to the former abbey of Royaumont.After Chantilly the longer ride-option offers you a nice ride to the historic town of Senlis (Roman traces, cathedral) and a beautiful wooded landscape back to the river in Creil.

Day 5

Wednesday: Creil – Compiegne


Another early sailing on the Oise river starts your day. Cycling away from the river you’ll hardly experience the very moderate slope. After coffee stop we are heading for the immense Compiegne forest. On our way to there, you’ll see a ruïn of a chapel and impressive Roman excavations. Lunch in a village in the forest. Pierrefonds castle is a must-see! All the way back to the river is in the forest. Compiegne is waiting for us. It’s a nice town. Palace-museum. You can join a guided walk in this historic town (Joan of Arc).

Day 6

Thursday: Compiegne – Noyon


An open space in the forest of Compiegne is connected with two truces of two World Wars (Clairière d’Armistice). There is a small museum to be visited. After the coffee stop we enter a lovely wooded valley on our way to the north. In one of the villages we can have our lunch. In the afternoon we are heading for the old town of Noyon with it’s immense cathedral. At it’s foot there is a nice historic museum. Another nearby little museum is dedicated to the reformer Calvin who was born here. Mooring near Noyon.

Day 7

Friday: Noyon - Péronne


Because of the distance the first leg of this day trip is often covered by sailing. We are entering the wide agricultural area of Northern France, also site of fierce fighting in the war of 1914 -1918. You’ll encounter military cemeteries in this vast area. Coffee stop and lunch in a small town and village. In the afternoon we are heading for the Canal du Nord. Near  one of the locks we might meet our ship. If not, the last stretch is a nice ride with a stop near the river Somme to our destination today, Péronne. Dinner in town today.

Day 8

Saturday: Péronne - Moislains


Day in Peronne. The Historial, the war museum in the castle is worth while visiting. There is another small local museum in the centre. Participants who are even more interested in the history of the Great War ‘14 -’18 could use their day off for a visit to one or more places connected with the 1st World War. To the west, direction Amiens was the Australian sector. Visit on your own initiative. Ask your guide for information at the beginning of your journey. If there are enough interested guests a tour along interesting WW1 sites will be  organized by a local guide with great knowledge of the Great War (not included in price).

Day 9

Sunday: Moislains- Arleux


The sailing towards the end of the canal near Arleux takes a long time because of the ship traffic and many locks. The captain might leave on Saturday afternoon already to make  the next day easier for guests and crew! The bike ride starts near Moislains and you will encounter only a few minor slopes. Coffee stop in a village and lunch probably in Cambrai.
For a while (16th century) this town was part of the Netherlands! Easy cycling afterwards to the end of Canal du Nord near Arleux.

Day 10

Monday: Arleux – Valenciennes


A day in the north of France. The name of Arleux is connected with garlic, important ingredient used in the French kitchen. Between the English Channel and the German Ruhr
– area in a relatively narrow belt there was a major coal-mining industry in the 19th and the first three quarters of the 20th century. This is still visible in the landscape. Red brick
buildings are abundant here. Option: visit to a coalmine-museum. Bouchain has an old fortress and a small museum. Valenciennes is a bigger town with all facilities belonging to
that (museums etc.).

Day 11

Tuesday: Valenciennes-Tournai


Into Belgium. We leave Valenciennes towards St. Amand-les-Eaux with its impressive tower is a nice place for a stop. East of this town is a lovely forest with immense beechtrees. Time for lunch! Towards Tournai we can take the longer ride in a beautiful forest area, cross the river Escaut and find our way on quiet country roads towards the Belgian border. Along the Escaut-river we cycle into Tournai. If necessary, we can take a shortcut after St. Amand.Tournai is famous for its historic town centre. Highlight is the cathedral with its five towers. Mooring near the city centre, at walking distance.

Day 12

Wednesday: Tournai-Oudenaarde


Cycling to Oudenaarde is easy, just following the river Escaut. After crossing the language-border(coffee stop), the river is called Schelde. An alternative with just a few slopes a bit further away from the river is an option. Near the lunch place the hill-lovers have a chance to prove their climbing capacities! Nearby are two of the (in!) famous cobblestone covered roads up to the hill (12 and 20 % slope. A beautiful bike path on a former railroad track leads us to near Oudenaarde. Highlights in town: townhall with tapestries, bicycle centre Tour of Flanders, church, beer brewery. On the market-edge you’ll find several café’s. Mooring ca. 1 km. from the market square. Walk in town.

Day 13

Thursday: Oudenaarde- Ghent


The ride to Ghent is nice. First part is along the river, with visit to the former location of an abbey and castle of Ename (3 km’s from Oudenaarde). Quiet roads, patches of forest, some villages and nice bike paths lead us to Merelbeke (lunch). We are near Ghent already. Via bike-friendly roads we cycle into the centre where you will have time to visit some of the highlights (St. Baafs Cathedral with the famous triptych ‘Mystic Lamb’, the castle,museum of fine arts etc. You will like Ghent! It is a very lively town (more than 250.000 inh.) partly because of its many young inhabitants (university students). Well lit Ghent in the evening is another experience. Dinner in town this evening.

Day 14

Friday: Ghent- Bruges


Between Gent and Bruges you will experience the typical landscape of Flanders.Fields with all kind of crops, winding country roads, small towns, some forest. After Nevele (coffee stop) Poeke, with its castle and park and two café’s on the square near the church is a good place to have lunch. On our further way towards Bruges we will find some villages and patches of forest and of course a café to have a teastop. Then we will encounter the canal and follow it into Bruges. The mooring place is at the very beginning of town, so no ride in busy traffic necessary. At the end of the afternoon the guide can show you some of the highlights of town.

Day 15

Saturday: Bruges, end of tour

After breakfast your bike-and-barge tour comes to an end.

Travel Dates

Date Availability Departure Accomodation Category  
5/22/2021 - 6/5/2021 Available Paris Feniks Comfort Plus Book now
7/3/2021 - 7/17/2021 Available Paris Feniks Comfort Plus Book now
8/28/2021 - 9/11/2021 Available Paris Feniks Comfort Plus Book now
9/25/2021 - 10/9/2021 Available Paris Paris to Bruges Comfort Plus Book now

Tour prices

Accommodation Room Price Children 0-2 years Children 3-11 years
All prices are per cabin for 2 weeks 0 0
Feniks Luxury twin cabin € 4980,- 0 0
Feniks Twin cabin € 4320,- 0 0
Feniks Cabin with bunk bed € 3700,- 0 0
Feniks Bunk bed cabin for single use € 2650,- 0 0
Accommodation Room Price Children 0-2 years Children 3-11 years
All prices are per cabin for 2 weeks 0 0
Feniks Luxury twin cabin € 4980,- 0 0
Feniks Twin cabin € 4320,- 0 0
Feniks Cabin with bunk bed € 3700,- 0 0
Feniks Bunk bed cabin for single use € 2650,- 0 0

Rent a bike

Image Name Type Price per week
Feniks: 24-speed hybrid bike, price for 2 weeks Feniks: 24-speed hybrid bike, price for 2 weeks Gazelle Fuente, incl. bike helmet €190
Feniks: Electric bike with 24 speeds, price for 2 weeks Feniks: Electric bike with 24 speeds, price for 2 weeks Incl. bike helmet €285
Image Name Type Price per week
Feniks: 24-speed hybrid bike, price for 2 weeks Feniks: 24-speed hybrid bike, price for 2 weeks Gazelle Fuente, incl. bike helmet €190
Feniks: Electric bike with 24 speeds, price for 2 weeks Feniks: Electric bike with 24 speeds, price for 2 weeks Incl. bike helmet €285


  • Tour guide cycles with the group
  • Route program with city maps
  • 14 x breakfast, 14 x lunch package and 12 x dinner a week served with wine and cheese
  • Coffee,  tea and biscuits
  • Afternoon snacks
  • Cabin with private bathroom including bedlinen and fresh towels shampoo, shower gel and soap
  • Daily check of your cabin, once a week extra cleaning and clean bed linen
  • Laundry Service
  • Internet access available (limited)
  • Ferry fares
  • Bicycle insurance

Not Included

  • 24 speed bicycle with pannier, lock and water bottle
  • Reservation fee of € 20,- per booking
  • (non) alcoholic beverages aboard and ashore
  • Personal and cancellation insurance
  • Entrance fees

Special details

  • This tour is operated by our partner.
  • It is possible that we have to make some changes to the program, because of local conditions. To try to avoid this we have ONE EXTRA DAY open in the program. We will use this day along the way to get everywhere in time or if we are lucky we have an extra day in Paris or Bruges. We will always do the best we can to give you a great holiday.
  • Please take good notice of our booking conditions.
  • The program is subject to change without notice.

Arrival info

You are expected at the barge on Saturday afternoon, between 11.00 AM and 14.00 PM. You can bring your luggage earlier to the barge, but not
before 10.30 AM. We are busy cleaning the barge, but we can provide you with suggestions to have a nice walk into town.
The mooring place of the barge Feniks in Paris Bassin de la Villette, Quai de la Seine, Paris.

The nearest airport to the embarkation point of the barge is Paris Charles de Gaulle By train it is about 30 minutes from the airport to the railway station Gare du Nord A taxi from the airport to the mooring place will take about 60 minutes and costs about € 65

From Gare du Nord by Metro it will take about 13 minutes to the metro station Stalingrad, after arrival the barge is in walking distance, about 12 minutes. The tour ends two weeks later in Bruges, so another possibility is to fly to Brussels Airport From Bruges you can take the train to the airport. Travel time is about 1.5 hours.

Should you arrive by car, we strongly advise to arrive earlier to unload your luggage. More information on parkings in Paris can be found at the following site

End of the tour
The tour ends two weeks later in Bruges on Saturday morning after breakfast at 10 AM. You will spend the night from Friday to Saturday on board in Bruges. The mooring place of the barge in Bruges: ‘Buiten Katelijnevest’ near the Bargeweg (nearly 1 km/ 0.6 miles from the train station). There is a good train connection to Paris .Travel time is about 2.45 hours and a one-way ticket (2nd class) costs about € 75


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Frequently asked questions

  • Can you rejoin the barge before the end of a stage?

    No, the ship doesn’t take the same route that the cyclists do. Sometimes the route may be altered because of weather conditions or repairs to bridges or locks and then the guests and the guide can arrange with the skipper to be met at a different place. Naturally you can always stay on board for one or more days.

  • Can you choose your own itinerary without a guide?

    Cyclists can choose a longer route than the group takes. The guide will gladly advise you on the choice of an alternative route.

  • Can I bring along my own bicycle?

    Yes, you may. On most tours this has no bearing on the total cost of the trip, however, please mention this at time of booking. Sometimes an additional charge may be requested for the bicycle when transferring from one place to another.

  • Does a guide accompany us?

    On our guided tours a tour guide will accompany the group during their cycling route.

    When mentioned ‘self-guided’, the tours are on an individual basis and no guides are provided. We will provide you with a thoroughly detailed and comprehensive description of the routes, enabling you to follow the route correctly without problems. Furthermore, these route descriptions are frequently accompanied with information on the main tourist attractions that you will come across.

  • What insurances does Cycletours offer?

    Cancellation insurance (insurance company Unigarant)
    Holidays usually are reserved and paid weeks or even months in advance. If you need to cancel or abort the tour, that always leaves you with financial consequences. Therefore we recommend to arrange a cancellation insurance. This insurance reimburse cancellation costs due to a serious impediment such as an accident, illness or death of relatives in the 1st or 2nd degree.
    Cancellation insurance including  air flight:
    when paying 1% extra over the travel sum of your Bike & Barge tour + flight ticket, then the cancellation expense is insured should you need to cancel or should one of these components unexpectedly be cancelled. This on the condition that no alternative arrangement can be made, so the trip cannot be taken.

More questions

Price starting from € 1850,- * * There are no extra's included in this price



About the barge Feniks

Originally the Feniks was built in 1928 as a freighter on the Dutch, Belgium and French waters. In 1992 the Feniks was reconstructed to a hotel passenger ship and put in service for several sailing holidays. On board you will find a comfortable and well lit saloon, where you can relax and have a good meal. Outside on the deck you will find various seats to take the best views over the great landscapes. There is a sundeck to relax on; or you can sit under the awning which give you shelter from the sun. If the weather allows, the meals will be served outside on the deck.

Cabin plan

All cabins have an individual bathroom with sink, shower and toilet, central heating and 220 volt sockets. Washer and dryer available, as well as hair dryer.

• 2 Luxury cabins: twin beds, wardrobe, table.
• 3 Low bed cabins
• 2 single traveler cabins with bunk bed (double occupation possible)

  • Offical name Feniks
  • Length 39 m
  • Width 5.4 m
  • Capacity 14 persons
  • Electricity 220 Volts

Paris to Bruges


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