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Tulip Tour

Overwhelming colors of spring

Schiphol Airport

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Schiphol Airport

In April and May we offer special tulip tours, centered around the Tulip theme and you visit of course the Keukenhof.

The tulip originated in Turkey. The tulip bulb reached The Netherlands at the end of the 16th century. The flower and bulb were thought to be so special that a lively trade arose quite quickly. In 1634 there was one single bulb that was so expensive, a whole canalside house in Amsterdam could be bought with the money worth it. In 1637 the government took the speculation in hand and the bulbs dropped in price drastically. The bulb and flower became “normal”. These days Aalsmeer controls a market share of 44% of the turnover of bulbs and tulip flowers. The route leads through vast fields of tulips. You will of course also visit the world-famous, 32-hectares’ park The  Keukenhof, where you can admire the wonderful colorful fields with flowering bulbs in peace and quiet.

From Leiden it is simple to take the bus and spend a wonderful day at the Keukenhof. At the end of the day you’ll catch the bus back to Leiden. The bus admission costs are included in the tour price. Between Leiden and Haarlem you will cycle through the bulb fields.


  • Type of tour Guided
  • Level 1
  • Duration 8 days
  • Distance 40km, average per day
  • Keukenhof
  • Tulips
  • Historic town centres

Daily Program

1 km = 0,62 miles
Day 1

Saturday: Amsterdam, boarding the latest at 2 pm, sailing to Ouderkerk a/d Amstel and cycling to Uithoorn

Saturday: Amsterdam, boarding the latest at 2 pm, sailing to Ouderkerk a/d Amstel and cycling to Uithoorn

When you arrive on board the ship, you can put your luggage away in your cabin and then enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. It is also a good moment to become acquainted with the guide, skipper and crew and of course your fellow passengers. You will leave Amsterdam cruising on the river Amstel to Ouderkerk a/d Amstel. From Ouderkerk you will cycle your first kilometres through the polder Ronde Hoep to Uithoorn. During dinner aboard the ship, the program for next day and the global planning of the week are discussed.

Day 2

Sunday: Uithoorn – Gouda

Sunday: Uithoorn – Gouda

From Uithoorn you will continue your tour over country roads, along river banks and channels through the Green Heart to the city known for its cheese: Gouda. Who thinks of Gouda, not only thinks of cheese, pipes, ‘stroopwafels’ (treacle-waffle) and pottery, but also of beautifull stained glass windows, a fairy-like town hall and atmospheric canals. Gouda is a beautiful Old Dutch city with a mostly intact city centre. As on most days, after dinner you can take a walk through the city.

Day 3

Monday: Gouda – Alblasserdam, ferry to Rotterdam and sailing to Delft

Monday: Gouda – Alblasserdam, ferry to Rotterdam and sailing to Delft

From Gouda you cycle past scenic polders via Kinderdijk to Rotterdam. Kinderdijk has the largest group of windmills in the Netherlands. The windmills at Kinderdijk were still actively used until 1950. These days, a large pumping station is responsible for controlling the water level in the polder. After visiting the windmills of Kinderdijk you take the ferrey to Rotterdam. In Rotterdam you embark and from there the ship takes you to Delft. Delft, the town famous for its pottery, the ‘Delft blue’. The Prinsenhof Museum is housed in the former St Agatha’s monastery. In 1572 William of Orange chose the convent as one of his residences. It was from here that he led the revolt against the Spanish tyranny of Holland. He was murdered on the steps of the Prinsenhof on July 10, 1584, by Balthazar Gerards, a Spanish sympathiser. Two bullet holes in the wall of the stairs bear witness to this event.

Day 4

Tuesday: Delft - (Katwijk) - Leiden

Tuesday: Delft - (Katwijk) - Leiden

From Delft we cycle in the direction of The Hague, through ‘het Haagse Bosch’, a large park, and past the former Royal Palace ‘Huis ten Bosch’. The long tour leads you over tranquil cycle paths through the dunes  to Wassenaarse Slag. Here you can see the remains of the Atlantikwall. Five bunkers are connected by nearly 3,000-feet-long brick tunnels. Now the underground network serves as a bat reserve. The route continues through the dunes, to Katwijk aan Zee, an old fishing village. The old inhabitants of Katwijk still speak their own dialect, ‘Kattuks’. Following the course of the Oude Rijn (Old Rhine) river we cycle to Leiden. Leiden boasts 14 museums, including the Rijksmuseum. The ship is moored near the Zijlpoort, a gate that once formed part of the city walls. The shorter route leads you inland after ‘Huis den Bosch’ and brings you along ‘Vlietlanden’ a 130 ha big recreational lake to Leiden.

Day 5

Wednesday: Leiden - visit to Keukenhof by public transport.

Wednesday: Leiden - visit to Keukenhof by public transport.

Today you visit the Keukenhof gardens, the most beautiful spring park in the world. The Keukenhof is the place where the spring breaks. In the Keukenhof various gardens and gardening styles can be found: the English Landscape Garden, the Historical Garden, the Natural Garden, the Japanese Natural Garden, the Formal Garden and three special colours gardens. Spread throughout the entire park there are approximately eighty sculptures from well-known Dutch artists as well as several other art objects, such as the collection ‘Surprising Tulips’. In 2017 the Keukenhof will be devoted to “Dutch Design” Dutch Design is characterized by Dutch sobriety combined with innovative solutions.

Day 6

Thursday: Leiden – via the flower bulb fields - Haarlem

Thursday: Leiden – via the flower bulb fields - Haarlem

From Leiden you cycle through wonderful flower beds in the direction of Haarlem. In the period of March to May the bulb fields are blooming, starting with daffodils and followed by hyacinths, tulips and lilies. Once in the city of Haarlem you make a short tour through the city to see some typical  ‘hofjes’ (almshouses), old houses around a central courtyard, now usually housing elderly people. These ‘hofjes ‘ are definitely worth a visit. Haarlem, which rendered its name to Harlem, New York, is a lively city with good shopping possibilities. The ship is berthed in the city centre, with a view of St Bavo’s Church and with easy access to the Grote Markt with its many outdoor cafés.

Day 7

Friday: Haarlem – Amsterdam

Friday: Haarlem – Amsterdam

From Haarlem you sail to Spaarndam, a picturesque village on the edge of Haarlem, in the direction of Amsterdam. Spaarndam’s name comes from the dam built in the Spaarne River to limit the danger of flooding from the sea. Here you can find the statue of Hansje Brinker on the IJdijk. Hansje is a character from an American novel, which saved the country from flooding by putting his finger in the dike. The Buitenhuizen ferry takes you across the North Sea Canal and from there you cycle to the Zaanse Schans. The Zaanse Schans, with its traditional weatherboard houses, warehouses and windmills may give you the feeling of stepping back into the 17th or 18th century.Yet this is no open air museum, but a lively neighborhood where people live and work. Among other things a cheese farm, a clog maker and an old bakery can be visited here.

Day 8

Saturday: Amsterdam, end of the tour after breakfast, before 10 am.

Saturday: Amsterdam, end of the tour after breakfast, before 10 am.

Travel Dates

Date Availability Departure Accomodation Category  
4/7/2018 - 4/14/2018 Limited Amsterdam Liza Marleen Comfort Plus Book now
4/7/2018 - 4/14/2018 Fully Booked Amsterdam Wending Comfort
4/14/2018 - 4/21/2018 Limited Amsterdam Wending Comfort Book now
4/14/2018 - 4/21/2018 Fully Booked Amsterdam Sailing Home Comfort de Luxe
4/21/2018 - 4/28/2018 Fully Booked Amsterdam Wending Comfort
4/21/2018 - 4/28/2018 Fully Booked Amsterdam Sailing Home Comfort de Luxe
4/21/2018 - 4/28/2018 Fully Booked Amsterdam Feniks Standard Plus/Comfort
4/28/2018 - 5/5/2018 Fully Booked Amsterdam Liza Marleen Comfort Plus
4/28/2018 - 5/5/2018 Fully Booked Amsterdam Sailing Home Comfort de Luxe
4/28/2018 - 5/5/2018 Fully Booked Amsterdam Zwaan Comfort Plus
5/5/2018 - 5/12/2018 Limited Amsterdam Anna Antal Standard Plus Book now
5/5/2018 - 5/12/2018 Available Amsterdam Sailing Home Comfort de Luxe Book now

Tour prices

Accommodation Room Price Children 0-2 years Children 3-11 years
Prices are per cabin
Liza Marleen 2-berth cabin € 2130,- free of charge 30% reduction
Liza Marleen cabin for single occupancy € 1530,- 0 0
Liza Marleen 2-berth cabin Superior (15m²) € 2330,- free of charge 30% reduction
Liza Marleen 3-berth cabin € 2925,- free of charge 30% reduction
Wending 2-berth cabin € 1960,- free of charge 30% reduction
Wending cabin for single occupancy € 1185,- 0 0
Wending 3-berth cabin € 2775,- free of charge 30% reduction
Anna Antal 2-berth cabin bunk bed € 1658,- free of charge 30% reduction
Anna Antal 2-berth cabin low beds € 1960,- free of charge 30% reduction
Anna Antal cabin bunk for single occupancy € 1085,- 0 0
Feniks 2-berth cabin bunk bed € 1658,- free of charge 30% reduction
Feniks 2-berth cabin low beds € 1960,- free of charge 30% reduction
Feniks cabin bunk for single occupancy € 1085,- 0 0
Sailing Home 2-berth cabin € 2170,- free of charge 30% reduction
Sailing Home cabin for single occupancy € 1570,- 0 0
Zwaan 2-berth cabin € 2170,- free of charge 30% reduction
Zwaan 3-berth cabin € 3165,- free of charge 30% reduction
Zwaan cabin for single occupancy € 1570,- 0 0

Rent a bike

Image Name Type Price per week
Hybrid, 24-gears Hybrid, 24-gears Batavus Boulevard €80
Electric bike Electric bike Batavus Ventoux easy €160
Child’s bike, 21 gears Child’s bike, 21 gears Bike helmet included €55
Trailer bike, 3 gears Trailer bike, 3 gears For children between 5-9 years €50
Child seat Child seat with bike helmet €15
Bike helmet Bike helmet included for children €10
Cycletours bicycle insurance Cycletours bicycle insurance No own-risk €15
Cycletours bicycle insurance E-bike Cycletours bicycle insurance E-bike No own-risk €40
Set of 2 bike maps Set of 2 bike maps Falk, scale 1:50,000 (1 inch = 0.8 miles) €19.50


  • All nights on board
  • Breakfast and dinner on board
  • Lunch packages when on the road
  • Coffee and tea on board
  • Tour guide, cycles with the group
  • Road book, 1x per cabin
  • Entrance Keukenhof
  • Ferry fares on the route

Not included

  • Reservation costs € 20,- per party
  • Bicycle rent
  • Bicycle insurance (optional) € 15,- per bicycle
  • Bicycle insurance E-bike (optional) € 40,- per bicycle
  • Entrance fees to museums; approx. € 15 per tour
  • Personal insurance / Cancellation insurance (optional)

Special details

  • Please take good notice of our Terms & Conditions.
  • If you have special meal requirements (vegetarian meals, or if you are on a diet), we ask you to mention this when booking.
    In case of Glutenfree diet there is an additional charge of € 50, – per week.
  • Cycletours Holidays reserves the right to cancel tours with fewer than 12 participants up to 21 days prior to the date of departure.
  • The program is subject to change without notice.

Arrival info

You are expected on our barge on Saturday at the latest 2 PM.
You can recognise the barge by the banner with Cycletours written on it. The name of your barge is printed on the voucher, which you will receive separately.
After arrival there’s coffee and tea on board. Other drinks are also available on cash payment. If you want you can bring your luggage in advance: from noon onwards.

The mooring place of the barge in Amsterdam is Oosterdok Zip-code 1011 VX (near the Science Center: ‘Nemo’, Oosterdok 2).

amsterdam map


The nearest airport to the embarkation point of the barge is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS).
There is a direct train that leaves 6 times per hour from the airport to Amsterdam Central Station. It takes about 16 minutes. The price for a train ticket Schiphol-Amsterdam Central is € 4,20 per person for a single journey. Walking distance to the barge is about 10 to 15 minutes.
A taxi from the airport to the barge in Amsterdam takes about 30 minutes. It costs about € 45,-.


The nearest train station to the embarkation point of the barge is Amsterdam Central Station. Walking distance to the barge is about 10 to 15 minutes.
A taxi from the station to the barge takes about 5 minutes: Costs about € 10,-.


If you arrive by car, we recommend you to arrive earlier to unload your luggage. You can find more information about parking possibilities at
The nearest parking is Parking Oosterdok, (about € 150,- per week, it is not necessary to reserve in advance; 500m walking distance to the barge).

End of the tour

The tour ends one week later on Saturday morning after breakfast before 10 AM. You will spend the night from Friday to Saturday on board in Amsterdam.
After the tour ends in you can take the train back to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. Should you have an early flight, no problem.  You may leave as early as you need to.

Our ship, your hotel

Imagine a floating hotel sailing to the next stage, while you are calmly pedalling along. No lugging of luggage: that is exactly what Bike & Barge is all about! In the pleasant atmosphere on board you can have a chat, go through the day with the others, and enjoy the meals prepared specially for cyclists. In the evenings you can enjoy a drink in the salon or admire the setting sun on deck.

Do not expect a cruise ship with its passive luxury. The Bike & Barge Holidays are for people who really enjoy the physical activity of cycling and who value sociability more than wholesale luxury.

What are the cabins like?

Most cabins are 2-person cabins, but some barges also have cabins for 3 persons (2 low beds+upper bed). There are four categories: Standard Plus (cabins with private shower/toilet; bunk beds), Comfort (cabins as StandardPlus but with twin beds), ComfortPlus (cabins as Comfort, small ship) and Comfort DeLuxe (a very comfortable and tastefully furnished 5-star ship; cabins have twin beds and air-conditioning).

In all categories the cabins have central heating and a porthole or window; they are provided with running water (hot and cold), private shower/toilet and 22o voltage. There is limited storage space in the cabin. We recommend 1 suitcase per person. You can slide the suitcase under the bed.

The team, hospitality comes first

The captain/skipper, the chef and your tour guide all welcome you warmly. They are prepared specifically for these trips and will provide good and safe passage, good meals, and a friendly, pleasant atmosphere. They will, of course, also give you a great deal of interesting information during and after the cycling and sailing.
The skipper is responsible for the smooth running of things on board; the cook is in charge of the catering. A tour leader accompanies you during the bike ride and can assist in case of breakdowns. He/She will be your guide to point out the things of interest along the way and is multi-lingual (Dutch/English, some speak German and/or French).

The meals

Your chef is used to cook delicious meals for hungry cyclists. Besides an extensive breakfast, you will also be offered a packed lunch for on the road. It consists of different types of bread and sandwich fillings, juice, a snack and a piece of fruit. Lunch package needs to be prepared by yourself after breakfast. Dinner is different every day. There is a first course, main course and dessert The meals on board are included in the price, as are coffee and tea. Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks can be obtained at a reasonable charge. When you return on board after the day’s cycling, a cup of tea or coffee with a biscuit will be waiting for you.
If you have special meal requirements (vegetarian meals, or if you are on a diet), we ask you to mention this when booking.
In case of Glutenfree diet there is an additional charge of € 50, – per week.

You and the group,new friends from around the world!

One of the most attractive aspects of the Bike & Barge holidays is that you encounter an international company on board, including people from e.g. USA, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, and Spain. It’s a great opportunity for you to get to know various cultures at the same time! We have people of all ages, men and women, singles and couples and also families with children (during the school holidays). Most groups are made up of 12 to 30 people.

Cycling in Holland

Holland is a cycling country: 16 million inhabitants all with bikes. The number of cyclists necessitates a cycling infrastructure: cycle paths (30,000 km), cycle routes (long and short distance), cycle bridges, cycle tunnels, cycle ferries and special signposts for cyclists.
Cycling is part of normal life in the Netherlands; parents bring their children to school by bike, people go to work by bike, factory workers, doctors, even the prime minister!
Cyclists, of course, have to observe traffic rules and regulations.
The most important rule is to remember that you are not alone on your bike and that you are sharing the road with your group and other road users. Your guide on board will tell you all you need to know about the traffic rules and regulations.

The most beautiful cycling routes

Our carefully selected routes will lead you along the most beautiful spots of the country. The average daily distance is around 45 kilometers. Most participants prefer riding in a group with the cycling guide, but you can also ride individually. A road book is included (1x per cabin). Bike maps can be purchased when booking and will be handed over to you on board.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What biking level are the Bike & Barge tours in the Netherlands?

    For everyone
    The lightest cycling holiday, suited for everyone and people of all ages. On virtually flat terrain, with distances up to 50 kilometers. You spend about 4 hours on your bicycle.


    For each of our holidays you should at least have the basic skills of cycling. Also an average physical condition is required.

    For more information see Cycling and Safety under ‘ Travel information’.

  • Can you choose your own itinerary without a guide?

    Cyclists can choose a longer route than the group takes. The guide will gladly advise you on the choice of an alternative route.

  • Can you rejoin the barge before the end of a stage?

    No, the ship doesn’t take the same route that the cyclists do. Sometimes the route may be altered because of weather conditions or repairs to bridges or locks and then the guests and the guide can arrange with the skipper to be met at a different place. Naturally you can always stay on board for one or more days.

  • Do you have to wear a safety helmet in Holland?

    No, but it is of course sensible to wear one. We provide a safety helmet with a child seat, slipstreamer (tag-along) or child’s bicycle. Helmets for adults are not included with the trip package. You can rent them (EUR 10,- per week) or bring your own.

  • How large is the group on board?

    The size of the group depends on the barge scheduled on the tour. The capacity of the barges varies between 12 and 26 participants.

  • What insurances does Cycletours offer?

    Cancellation insurance (insurance company Unigarant)
    Holidays usually are reserved and paid weeks or even months in advance. If you need to cancel or abort the tour, that always leaves you with financial consequences. Therefore we recommend to arrange a cancellation insurance. This insurance reimburse cancellation costs due to a serious impediment such as an accident, illness or death of relatives in the 1st or 2nd degree.
    Cancellation insurance including  air flight:
    when paying 1% extra over the travel sum of your Bike & Barge tour + flight ticket, then the cancellation expense is insured should you need to cancel or should one of these components unexpectedly be cancelled. This on the condition that no alternative arrangement can be made, so the trip cannot be taken.

More questions

Price starting from € 829,- * * There are no extra's included in this price



About the barge Wending

The “Wending” is a former freight barge that started a new life in the early nineties as a luxury passenger motor barge. Since then the “Wending” is a familiar fixture on several routes in the Netherlands and Belgium. Mooring place of the Wending is Amsterdam. This barge sails exclusively for Cycletours Holidays.The“Wending” has a roomy and cosy saloon, equipped with a complete music installation. After a strenuous bike ride it is a great place to relax.

Cabin plan

10 double and 2 triple cabins, the beds in the cabins are side by side. In the triple cabin one bed is placed over the other two.All cabins with private bathroom and central heating

  • Offical name Wending
  • Length 41.5 m
  • Width 6.3 m
  • Capacity 26 persons
  • Electricity 220 Volts
Liza Marleen
Liza Marleen

About the barge Liza Marleen

The “Liza Marleen” is a luxury motor passenger barge, built in 1997-98 on the completely dismantled shell of a seafaring freight logger. This barge is ideally suited for trips on the wider waterways, like the Dutch Waddenzee, the IJsselmeer and the Zeeland Streams, but it can also be found cruising on the smaller inland waterways of the Netherlands and Belgium. The tastefully decorated lounge is equipped with an audio installation, television and video. In the evenings it is possible to come together in the spacious sitting area. Winter of 2015 on 2016 The Liza Marleen is converted to a more luxurious barge.

Cabin plan Liza Marleen

8 cabins have two low beds, which can be placed together. Two cabins are so spacious, that they can expand with 2 lower beds or a third bed and a cot. All cabins have a private bathroom with sink, shower and toilet, heating and air conditioning.

  • Offical name Liza Marleen
  • Length 38 m
  • Width 6.6 m
  • Capacity 20 persons
  • Electricity 220 Volts
Anna Antal
Anna Antal

About the barge Anna Antal

The Anna Antal is a former shuttle barge which was converted into a luxury motor passenger ship in the winter of 1994-95. In 2013 the saloon and cabins were renovated.

The Anna Antal has a cozy salon with a music system and TV. In the evenings, a drink can be consumed in the cozy and elegant bar. Outside there is a sun deck/a deck for the bicycles. All cabins are provided with running water (hot and cold), private shower and toilet, 220 voltage and central heating. There is limited storage space in the cabin. We recommend 1 suitcase per person. You can slide the suitcase under the bed.

Cabin Plan

9 cabins, each with their own shower, washbasin, toilet and central heating.
5 x 2-berth cabins with low beds (Comfort) and 4 x 2-berth cabins with bunk beds (StandardPlus).

  • Offical name Anna Antal
  • Length 38 m
  • Width 6.1 m
  • Capacity 18 persons
  • Electricity 220 Volts
Sailing Home
Sailing Home

About  the barge Sailing Home

The barge "Sailing Home" started cruising in 2001. Build by Cycletours for Bike & Barge Tours in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. This beautiful passenger ship can accommodate 26 overnight passengers and 70 day passengers. The interior of the salon and bar is decorated in a modern Victorian style and offers a lot of comfort. The "Sailing Home" has two floors. On the top floor you will find the salon, a roomy lounge a cosy bar and a sun deck. The four-man crew consists of the skipper, sailor, cook and hostess.

Cabin Plan

13 spacious and comfortable guest cabins for two (low beds) and each cabin has a private bathroom. All cabins have central heating and air-conditioning. Daily cleaning of the cabins

  • Offical name Sailing Home
  • Length 45 m
  • Width 6.5 m
  • Capacity 26 persons
  • Electricity 220 Volts

Tulip Tour


What others think of this tour

met our expectations food was good. Cycling infrastructure in Holland is outstanding
Mr. Houghton - 15/04/2017

The trip was uniquely tailored to our age group challenging enough to keep us enthousiast. The travel sights were outstanding. Staff and guide were wonderful!
Mrs. Zelig - 28/04/2017

Great experience- easy pace. Plenty of time to stop, explore, take photos. Great variety of experiences. Riding through large and small towns, through farmland and woods.
Mrs. Schwartz - 29/04/2017

had a great time on our first cycle tour huge success would book again.
Food on board was excellent
Mrs. Donovan - 15/04/2017

Good value-saw so many sights amazing food
Wonderful atmosphere on the barge great group of people, tour guide took good care of everyone
Mr. Freedman - 15/04/2017

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