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Dodecanese Islands

The most beautiful islands Greece has to offer


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This 11-day cycling holiday Island Hopping Dodecanese takes you to three beautiful cycling islands in the southeast of Greece: Rhodes, Kos and Leros, with a stop-over in Kalymnos.

You will become familiar with the Greek islands of the Colossus and the Asclepeion, the crusaders and the sponge fishermen. The islands are each little paradises of their own, with both Italian and Turkish influences. You will enjoy a balance of cycling, cultural heritage excursions and boat trips on azure blue waters. The unknown Leros is the real surprise of this cycling holiday: a green jewel. This is the least physically demanding trip that Cycletours offers in this part of Greece. You will cycle along stretches of coastline, only encountering a real incline very occasionally.

  • Type of tour Self-guided
  • Level 3
  • Duration 11 days
  • Distance 20
  • Asclepeion on Kos: birthplace of modern medicine
  • sail on Greek-Turkish waters chance of seeing dolphins
  • Rhodes City: cultural and culinary highlight

Daily Program

1 km = 0,62 miles
Day 1

Arrival on Rhodes

You will fly to Rhodes. You will be picked up at the airport and brought to your hotel. Kalavarda has been our cycling village of choice on Rhodes for 14 years now. You will stay at the Hotel Vouras, just 900m from the sea. If you arrive in the morning, you can already go for a little warm-up cycle ride, or visit the beach. Alternatively, go to Kameiros (3km from your hotel) to see the ruins of an ancient city.

Day 2

Kalavarda, roundtrip


Before you start the tour, you have a free day to go on a daytrip. You will do a round trip following the coast, which is completely uninhabited and unspoilt here. You can limit yourself to a trip of around 20km, at which point you will see Chalki and the surrounding islands. Or you could carry on cycling until you reach the fishing harbour of Kameiros Skala (33km). If you want to extend the trip even further, you could visit the castle ruins of Kritinia, making a trip of 38km in total. If you didn’t already do it yesterday, you can visit the ruins of ancient Kameiros (1km extra).

Day 3

Kalavarda – Rhodes City


This stage, leading to Rhodes City, follows a trajectory that runs largely through the island’s interior. Here you will encounter beautiful villages such as Theologos and Maritsa. Pastida is a large village and a very suitable place to stop for lunch. A particularly wooded route will bring you to the steepest incline of the day, which will lead you into Rhodes City through the back door. After climbing a hill scattered with ancient ruins you will make your descent to the centre. This route comes very near to the butterfly valley of Petaloudes (2km extra, certainly recommended in the butterfly season (June to September).

Day 4

Rhodes City – Mastichari


The expected time of departure of your boat is 8.30am. You will arrive a little before 11am on Kos where you will start off with some sightseeing in the capital, which is well worth the visit. Ruins from ancient times snake through the city. Mosques remind us of the island’s Turkish period and other buildings betray the many years of Italian influence. While on Kos you will pass by the Asclepeion. This ancient sanctuary is the birthplace of modern medicine. You will stay in Mastichari, the smallest and most intimate beach resort on Kos.

Day 5

Mastichari, roundtrip to Plaka


Today you will discover a beautiful part of central Kos. Again you have many options in terms of the length of the route. Whichever route you choose, you will get to see Andimachia, with its restored windmill, and Plaka, a forest in a ravine where semi-wild peacocks roam freely.
The basic 29km route can be extended if desired, with a visit to Magic Beach, for example, the first in a series of wonderful beaches on the south coast (5km extra) or to the castle of Andimachia, a gigantic complex perched on a hilltop (7km extra). You can even explore the whole peninsula of Kefalos, although this will add up quickly on the odometer.

Day 6

Mastichari - Leros

The boat to Kalymnos usually departs at 9am from the pier opposite your hotel. By 10am you will already be in Pothia, the capital of Kalymnos and the epicentre of the sponge fishing industry, even though the fishermen now travel far for their catch. You should have a couple of hours to spend on Kalymnos before you take the next boat around noon.
On Leros it’s a short but steep climb to your hotel, which has a great location with a view of the harbour and a castle.

Day 7

Leros, rest day

A day to relax and do nothing, enjoy the swimming pool at the hotel with a view of the castle, and perhaps take a little walk to this historical construction. You will receive with your travel voucher an excellent walking route of Leros from the little seaside church of Agios Isodiros to Lakki. The hotel can take care of the transfers for you (to be paid for at the location). Leros is also good for snorkelling!

Day 8

Leros, roundtrip


During this cycling trip you will visit both the remote church of Maria of the Crabs in Xirokampos and the little church on the micro-island of Agios Isidoros. This trip will allow you to see all the beautiful bays of this amoeba-shaped island. In Lakki there are many beautiful buildings from the Italian period.

Day 9

Leros - Rhodes City

The boat, a swift catamaran, should leave at 2.30pm, in which case you will be back on Rhodes at 6.30pm. On the way you will again encounter Leros, Kalymnos and Kos, and probably Symi too, where you will dock in the especially photogenic harbour.

Day 10

Rhodes City, rest day

Use your rest day in Rhodes to get a closer look at this magnificent historical city. You can do this with a city walking tour that will not only take you to the highlights (such as the knight’s castle, the well-restored mosques and the Turkish bathhouse, the squares and the city gates) but also to the back streets and even the double city walls where you will find an unexpected oasis of quiet. The rich history of Rhodes goes back to the time of the crusades.
If you were quite taken by Symi yesterday it is possible to make a return trip to the island today.

Day 11

Rhodes City, departure

You will be cycling back to Kalavarda today, via the sea route, a route of secret paths that follows the coastline as much as possible. Just before arriving in Kalavarda you will briefly cut through the old part of Fanes, which in 2010 received a make-over with colourful frescoes painted by a local artist. You will be taken from Kalavarda to the airport for your return flight. If you are leaving early in the morning then a taxi will take you from Rhodes City to the airport.

Travel Dates

Date Availability Departure Accomodation Category  
6/21/2020 - 7/1/2020 Available Kalavarda Hotels Dodecanese Islands 2*/3* hotels Book now
6/28/2020 - 7/8/2020 Available Kalavarda Hotels Dodecanese Islands 2*/3* hotels Book now
7/5/2020 - 7/15/2020 Available Kalavarda Hotels Dodecanese Islands 2*/3* hotels Book now
7/12/2020 - 7/22/2020 Available Kalavarda Hotels Dodecanese Islands 2*/3* hotels Book now
7/19/2020 - 7/29/2020 Available Kalavarda Hotels Dodecanese Islands 2*/3* hotels Book now
7/26/2020 - 8/5/2020 Available Kalavarda Hotels Dodecanese Islands 2*/3* hotels Book now
8/2/2020 - 8/12/2020 Available Kalavarda Hotels Dodecanese Islands 2*/3* hotels Book now
8/9/2020 - 8/19/2020 Available Kalavarda Hotels Dodecanese Islands 2*/3* hotels Book now
8/16/2020 - 8/26/2020 Available Kalavarda Hotels Dodecanese Islands 2*/3* hotels Book now
8/23/2020 - 9/2/2020 Available Kalavarda Hotels Dodecanese Islands 2*/3* hotels Book now
8/30/2020 - 9/9/2020 Available Kalavarda Hotels Dodecanese Islands 2*/3* hotels Book now
9/6/2020 - 9/16/2020 Available Kalavarda Hotels Dodecanese Islands 2*/3* hotels Book now
9/13/2020 - 9/23/2020 Available Kalavarda Hotels Dodecanese Islands 2*/3* hotels Book now
9/20/2020 - 9/30/2020 Available Kalavarda Hotels Dodecanese Islands 2*/3* hotels Book now
9/27/2020 - 10/7/2020 Available Kalavarda Hotels Dodecanese Islands 2*/3* hotels Book now
10/4/2020 - 10/14/2020 Available Kalavarda Hotels Dodecanese Islands 2*/3* hotels Book now

Tour prices

Accommodation Room Price Children 0-2 years Children 3-11 years
Prices are per room 0 0
Departure days: every day except on Monday 0 0
Hotels Dodecanese Islands Double room € 1278,- 0 0
Hotels Dodecanese Islands Single room € 889,- 0 0
Hotels Dodecanese Islands Season surcharge June 21 - August 23 per person € 86,- 0 0

Rent a bike

Image Name Type Price per week
Local E-bike TREK hybrid with electric motor €145
Local Hybrid TREK or Gazelle €100
Local mountainbike TREK €100


  • 10 nights at hotel, 2-person room with shower or bath and lavatory
  • Breakfast (10x)
  • Dinner (2x)
  • Transfers to/from airport on Rhodes
  • Baggage transport
  • Cycle routes and maps
  • GPS-tracks
  • Local Dutch representative and technical support

Not Included

  • Reservation costs (€ 20,- per booking)
  • Bicycle rent
  • All other meals and refreshments
  • Personal/Cancellation insurances
  • Ferry boats, around € 105,- (to be paid on spot)
  • Excursions (entrance fee for museums/gardens/parks)
  • Rhodes to Symi excursion, around € 30,-

Special details

  • In cooperation with local partner.
  • Please take good notice of our Terms & Conditions
  • No bike insurance available for this tour.
  • The program is subject to change without notice.
  • Help/service line and local co-worker (speaking English).

Arrival Information

Upon arrival at the airport of Rhodes, the representative of Cycletours on Rhodes welcomes you. The transfer takes place by car, taxi or bus and takes about 15 minutes. He/she has a Cycletours-sign.

Return Information

If you have booked the flight, we kindly ask you to ensure that our representative has received all the information about your flight (flight number, departure time, plus the airline that issued your ticket). The information regarding the return transfer and your return flight will be hung up in the hotel or you will get this immediately communicated by one of our representatives. Always compare this information with the information on your flight ticket and in case of ambiguities please contact our representatives. In general you are required to check out of your hotel room in the morning, also in case of an evening flight. Although in the event of an evening flight, you are still allowed to use the facilities of the hotel to take a shower / freshen up before departure. When you extended your holiday in Rhodes on your own, you must ensure the reaffirmation and transfer to the airport yourself.


All breakfasts are included. Breakfast will be served between 8 and 10.30 a.m. Lunches are not included. The tour guide can suggest a nice restaurant where you can have lunch. Dinner is included on 2 days. The tour guide will inform you the exact days.


Kalavarda is located 15 km from the airport and 35 km from the capital Rhodes Town. It is located on the relatively cold north coast near sand beaches in a tranquil part of the island. A little store is located here to purchase the first groceries and at the gas station you may also buy a few supplies. There is also a butcher shop. In Fanes (3.5 km on the way to Rhodes) you will find a supermarket, pharmacy, bakery and greengrocer. In Sorini (5 km) you will find an ATM, post office and more stores such as toy shops, stationery, (sports) wear. A cheap supermarket is also located here. Other ATM’s are available in Theologos (10 km) and at the airport (15 km). A post office and internet cafe you find in Paradisi (14 km). The nearest banks are located in Kremasti (17 km). Kalavarda contains multiple dining facilities including seafood restaurants by the sea and fun Mezedopolia (a type of Greek tapas restaurant) located on the village square. This square contains a variety of little cafes where you can drink an ouzo or coffee together with the old men from the village. Having lunch and dinner is of course also possible at Hotel Vouras.

Greece is one of the countries where the euro is considered the legal currency. Besides the ATM’s mentioned above in Kalavarda’s surroundings, you will come across an ATM in Rhodes Town, Kos Town, Mastichari (Kos), Pothia (Kalymnos) and Leros.

In case of the use of medicines, you are allowed to take only the amount you need during the flight in your carry-on baggage. Also, bring along a statement from your doctor about your medication. Furthermore please check out the new EU security requirements. A pharmacy is located in Kalavarda. You will also come across many pharmacies on the way. Many medicines are available without a prescription. In Greece pharmacies also offer a limited first-aid service.

Rental bikes

If you have reserved a rental bike, the specified size and type will be ready for you at the workplace (behind Hotel Vouras in Kalavarda). A repair kit, pump and spare inner tube are included. All bikes are equipped with a bike bag and a bottle holder. You need to bring a water bottle yourself (small bottles of spring water usually fit into the holder as well and are for sale everywhere in Greece). If desired you may bring your own card reading standard and mount it on your rental bike. This also applies to your own saddle or pedals. We ensure that you will receive your bike cleaned. We therefore ask you to hand it in clean (frame and wheel dusting; wiping towels are present in our workshop).

Luggage transport

This is a trip with luggage transport. We kindly but urgently ask you to take into account the following. For air travel luggage, a weight limit of 20 kilograms per person applies. This limit also applies to the carriage of luggage. In addition, the weight per suitcase / bag should not exceed the weight of 15 kilograms. Our preference goes out to a weight of approximately 10 kilograms each in regards to the health of our employees.
At every stage of the trip your tour guide will inform you about when and where the bag drop off will take place, and about your suitcases disposal in the next hotel.

Clothing and Luggage

Wearing a good helmet can prevent serious injury in the event of a crash. During cycling it is advisable to wear a well fitting cycling-shirt that quickly absorbs and dissipates perspiration. Bike shorts with padding are recommended depending on your bike. Furthermore: a bag for the road, head protection (helmet), sunglasses and a camera.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Does a support vehicle accompany us?

    Our experience has taught us that virtually every cyclist is able to make it to the next hotel without difficulties, since you will be setting your own pace and have the whole day for the journey. Should circumstances render you unable to cycle further, then our agent will obligingly find you the best manner of public transportation and/or taxi. The costs, in such a case, must be self-incurred.

  • Can I bring along my own bicycle?

    Yes, you may. On most tours this has no bearing on the total cost of the trip, however, please mention this at time of booking. Sometimes an additional charge may be requested for the bicycle when transferring from one place to another.

  • How is the luggage transported and when does it arrive?

    The luggage is transported by van and must stand ready for delivery by approx. 9 a.m. and will be at the next hotel by approx. 4 p.m.

  • What can I expect of the hotels along the way?

    For our trips, we generally utilize good 2-3 star hotels with a bathroom in each room. The accommodations vary a great deal, ranging from a simple Bed & Breakfast to a very luxurious hotel and from a family hotel to a former cognac estate.

  • When are the rental bicycles delivered?

    The rental bicycles are as a rule delivered on the evening of the day of arrival and must be returned upon arrival at the last hotel.

More questions

Price starting from € 639,- * * There are no extra's included in this price


Hotels Dodecanese Islands
Hotels Dodecanese Islands

A example hotel list from this tour

Day 1 and 2: Hotel Vouras, Kalavarda, Rhodes

Day 3, 9 and 10: Hotel Amphitryon, Rhodes

Day 4 and 5: Hotel Sea Breeze, Mastichari (Kos)

Day 6, 7 and 8: Hotel Elefteria, Platanos (Leros)

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