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Cycling Holiday Super Tulip Tour Holland

Springtime in Holland

New date added: 29 April Super Tulip Tour barge Wending

Best time to see and discover the flower fields of the Netherlands is April. Although the flowers often begin to bloom in mid-March, it can depend on the weather in the region, and visitors who come at this time of year may be left disappointed if the winter has been a harsh one. During April, the flowers should be in their prime regardless of the weather, and the fields should be a patchwork of color.Many of the flower growers in are actually bulb producers, rather than growers who supply the cut-flower industry. In order to achieve healthy bulbs, it is important that they chop off the blooms before they fade and die. As you join a bike and barge tour among the fields, you may see farmers beheading seemingly beautiful blooms. Rather than being dismayed, you should realize that this is part of the growing process and will help the farmers to sell healthy bulbs on to consumers in future.The best tulip fields are in the North of Holland, an area known as the bollenstreek (bulb district). Many fields are located behind the North Sea dunes and are therefore in a very scenic location.


Tulip fields Holland


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