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Biking levels and safety

For each of our holidays you should at least have the basic skills of cycling. Also an average physical condition is required.

The most important basic cycling skills

• Being able to ride in a straight line under varying conditions is the key to riding safely in traffic.
• Practice stopping as quickly as you can to get a feel for how much distance is needed at different speeds and under different conditions. This one is very important when you are cycling in a group.
• Make sure you are always aware of your surroundings. Know what is behind you and watch out for what is in front of you.
• Always make hand signals well in advance of any turn.

Biking levels

Below are the four levels we use to indicate the difficulty of our trips to prevent any future surprises. Are you unsure about the level that is right for you? Our professional sales department will help you find your way.
Most cycling holidays we offer are biking level 1 or 2. These holidays are appropriate for anyone with average physical condition and basic cycling skills (see above).

The length of the stage, the altitude and climate determine the level of your trip. On a hotel-based tour you can choose whether you are going to cycle each day or not. On a round tour the cycle days are fixed. That also is a factor to keep in mind.

(1 km = 0.62 miles)

Biking level 1

The lightest cycling holiday, covering largely flat terrain, suitable for everyone and people of all ages; with distances to 45 kilometers. You spend about 4 hours on your bicycle.

Biking level 2

Suitable for people of all ages. On some days you will be cycling through a windy area or (depending on the tour) may encounter short slopes with differences in heights up to 75 m. or (gently rolling terrain); with distances to 60 kilometers per day. You spend about 5 hours on your bicycle.

Biking level 3

Occasionally longer and steeper slopes without dominating (differences in heights up to 175 m). Daily distances to 65/70 km.

Biking level 4

Daily distances to 75 km per day over hilly terrain and low mountain range with occasional steep and longer gradients. Sometimes a short stage with a little more climbing.

Biking level 5

Daily distances to 85 km per day. You spend 5 to 6 hours on your bicycle.