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Cancellation insurance; bicycle insurance


Cancellation insurance

Holidays usually are reserved and paid weeks or even months in advance. If you need to cancel or abort the tour, that always leaves you with financial consequences. Therefore we recommend to arrange a cancellation insurance.
This insurance reimburse cancellation costs due to a serious impediment such as an accident, illness or death of relatives in the 1st or 2nd degree. The premium for this insurance is non-refundable.
Please note that this insurance needs to be purchased within 5 days after booking the tour.

Premium: 6,63% of the travel sum (excl. 21% insurance tax)

Policy fee: € 4,84

What does it cover?

The cancellation insurance covers indemnification for:

– cancellation expenses
– holiday days outstanding in case of premature termination or interruption
– holiday days outstanding in case of delayed departure (up to a maximum of 3 days) due to,
among other things:
– serious illness, accident or death affecting you, your travelling companions or relatives
– extensive damage to property as a result of fire, storm, etc.

Exclusions (among other things):
Art. 20. Not insured is damage:
– related to already existing illness, condition or abnormality on the part of party insured, members of his household or family members in the 1st or 2nd degree. This exclusion applies only when the insurance has been concluded more than 7 days after the booking date.


The full conditions of the Unigarant Cancellation Insurance can be found in the conditions for the short-term cancellation insurance in the clauses.
Available upon request.

Bicycle insurance 

(not available on all bike tours. This is indicated on the tour page under ‘Rent a bike’)

We provide a good bicycle for you, adjusted to your height. You are liable for damage or theft as long as the bicycle is not on board. This insurance covers the bicycle for damage and theft. The insurance does not cover either damage caused by negligent or careless use of the bicycle, or theft if the bicycle has not been properly locked with a view to preventing theft. Leaving the bicycle unlocked and unattended is construed as not taking due care of the bicycle and the insurance is not valid in this case.
When you are cycling without supervision (the  tour guide) and you cannot leave your bicycle in a safe place then the bicycle should be left, locked, in a supervised cycle parking shed. In the evening and at night the bicycle should be placed on board the barge.

The bicycle insurance covers the cost of the repair or replacement of bicycle parts in case of an accident. It also protects against theft of the bike while it was locked. The key to the bike lock will always have to be handed over in order to cover the loss.

Premium: € 20,- per bike, no own-risk/ € 40,- per electric bike, no own risk