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Wadden Island Texel

Enjoy the beautiful natural landscape

Wadden Island Texel: the largest Island in the Netherlands. The average length of this island is 20 km and the average width is 8 km. Because of the 300 different types of birds, Texel is highly recommended by bird-watchers!

Do you want to see Texel with your own eyes? During this ‘Top of Amsterdam’ bike and barge tour you’ll visit multiple highlights between Amsterdam & Texel. The first inhabitants of Texel may date from the Middle Stone Age (8,000-4,500 BC). In 1415 the Wadden Island Texel was granted a municipal charter, which made it the largest official city of the country, in the matter of surface. Texel is highly appreciated by bird-watchers. In springtime about 80 different types of birds breed her, mainly in the dune areas. But all in all about 300 different species have been perceived on Texel.

As early as in the 16th and 17th century the Texel sheep’s cheese was well-known abroad. This was not only the usual white cheese but in particular a special, green cheese. The cheese was green as a result of the juice of boiled sheep droppings, which was stirred through the milk. However, because of hygienic reasons this was forbidden by the Dutch Food Inspection Department in 1930. A cycling tour around this island with its numerous cycle tracks is well worth the effort. The largest village on the island is Den Burg, which has a rural character with its circles of roads around the old church. You will find most of the shops on the island in this village. The local museum gives a good impression of island life and is housed in a building dating from 1599. De Koog, one of the oldest villages, is the principal bathing resort and is only a stone’s throw from the widest beach on the island. The nature centre nearby is a rescue centre for seals and gives you a lot of information about the flora and fauna to be found on Texel. De Cocksdorp, the northernmost village, is entered through a tunnel of interlocking tree branches, which gives it a unique character. If you cycle to the most extreme northerly tip of the Wadden Island Texel you may be able to see Vlieland. The next island making up the chain of Wadden islands. On the way up north you can pay a visit to the Slufter, a nature reserve open to the sea and the rhythm of the tides. Click here to read more >